With Q4 less than 3 weeks away, you want to make sure you're covering all your bases. If you've been keeping up with our series, you've gotten tips on how to plan your ad spend to acquire customers and how to create trust and urgency once your customer has landed on your site.

Now that you've done the legwork and coaxed your browser through the funnel to become a customer, how do you retain them?

Watch our chat with Fera below on Retaining Seasonal Shoppers & Customer Support

☝️  Creating an engaging loyalty program
☝ ️️ Enhancing your retention efforts off-site
☝  Choosing the most effective offers
☝  Find the appropriate communication channel
☝  Things you can do in the next 24 hours to lower your ad spend

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Providing effective rewards (loyalty programs)

  • Once you spent money to acquire customer, bring them in with a strong loyalty program LoyaltyLion, Smile.io, or others
  • Loyal customers  spend the most money

Create a community

  • Get creative in your loyalty — offer rewards for other actions like following your FB/IG
  • Goal is for your customers to become brand evangelists
  • Utilize word of mouth marketing platforms like ReferralCandy

Creating a follow-up email sequence

  • Don’t forget to say “thank you” and confirm purchase
  • Go a step further add something extra — elaborate on your story or offer a discount for a future purchase
  • Communicate as if it’s a one-on-one basis

Retargeting ads

  • Be mindful of frequency — don’t  overload customers with a bunch of high frequency ads
  • Aggressiveness could deter future purchases
  • Think of retargeting as remaining  top of mind — a loving reminder

Offering discounts

  • Align your discounts with your margins and customers expectations
  • A/B test different offers
  • Different types of business can get more aggressive — repeat purchase products can often afford to have a larger discount

Choose how you want to communicate with your customers

  • Make sure you have clear messaging
  • Respond in a timely manner
  • If overloaded, make sure messaging acknowledges the receipt of the inquiry

Types of communication channels

  • Chat
  • Email
  • Direct messages
  • Phone
  • Etc
  • Update your FAQs — great way to answer questions with minimal resources

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