We're back to make sure you have all the tools and strategies you need to have a successful Black Friday / Cyber Monday. This week we're talking about how to create trust and urgency. Once you've gotten the customer to your site, what's next?

In this video we'll explore ways in which you can turn browsers into buyers.

☝️ How to build trust
☝️ What types of urgency are effective
☝️ Creating compelling offers
☝️ Things you can do in the next 24 hours to lower your ad spend

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Stay tuned for the next video on 'Retaining Seasonal Shoppers' on September 15.

How to build trust

  • Make sure your website is modern — building trust in the first couple seconds is essential
  • Have a good “About” page that lets you connect to your customer
  • Utilize reviews, ratings, and testimonials from real people
  • Consider actual customer photos — take advantage of instagram
  • Have an easy way for your customers to contact you — like email, phone, social, chatbots, etc

What types of urgency are effective

Promotional timers

  • Countdown timers create urgency and boost conversions
  • Consider placement — on top of your website or on a specific product
  • Use checkout-cart timers, but know your audience when using them. (Also great for items that have limited stock)

Limited stock warnings

  • Use on products that sell out often or have low inventory
  • Let customers know they need to act now or risk missing out

Get it by timer

  • Assure your customers that they will receive the item by a certain date
  • Offer various forms of shipping (standard, expedited, etc)
  • Be transparent about shipping times — great around the holidays

Creating compelling offers

  • Offer needs  to be useful enough for someone to action
  • Use discounts that make customers want convert
  • Or consider a cause that people want to take action for (i.e. 10% of your purchase goes to a charity)

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