Black Friday - Cyber Monday can be overwhelming no matter how big or small your online store is. That’s why Klickly and Fera created a series of five simple, actionable checklists for you to use in order to maximize your BFCM sales.

In our first video of the series, we chat with Fera about how you can make the most of your ad spend during BFCM!

☝️ Ad spend trends from last year
☝️ Ad platforms for each industry/target market
☝️ How to lower your CPA
☝️ Things you can do in the next 24 hours to lower your ad spend

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Stay tuned for the next video on 'Creating Trust and Urgency Online' on September 8.

  • Brands utilizing Big Data and A.I. more than ever
  • Brands had to adhere to CCPA and GDPR privacy guidelines
  • Building look-alike audiences early
  • Advertise when retailers aren't advertising
  • Ad spend and CPA’s increases over the holidays
  • BFCM timelines are expanding — take action early to beat competition

Ad platforms for each industry/target market

Know your goal when deciding what ad platform to explore

Facebook & Instagram

  • Instagram has a younger demographic and is great for promoting lifestyle, branding, and imagery
  • Facebook's targeting is unrivaled allowing you to focus more on product and stretching your dollar

Google Shopping

  • Great for merchants who need presence but don't have a deep pocket
  • Google Shopping recently announced products can be listed on the Shopping tab for free — great for organic
  • Great for products that don't necessarily have brand loyalty
  • Make sure your have top notch product description and images


  • Working with DTC merchants looking to generate more traffic and sales
  • Run by a data-driven, machine-learning algorithm leveraging the open web (25 million premium sites and destinations)
  • Requires no upfront spend and merchants select own commission
  • Focus your commission on different parts of the buyers' journey
  • Additive solution to add “fuel to the fire” for other marketing channels

How to lower your CPA

Look-alike audiences

  • Create look-alikes on highest value customers — keep in mind the 20-80 rule
  • Utilize your email list within Facebook, Google, etc
  • Separately, focus on the outliers and create more lookalikes based on those outliers
  • Expand to new channels to begin refining your look-alikes


  • Make sure your creative is not stale
  • A/B test and make sure the creative leaves a positive reaction (lifestyle vs. product)
  • Understand your audience and when to have video vs. pics

Performance marketing

  • Offers a strategy that doesn't have a high upfront spend
  • Success (and payment) are measured by your goals