In short, the Rest of Site (ROS) Commission applies to your entire online store, and is charged only when Klickly directs a customer to your store and they purchase a product not listed in an active campaign.

Let's say you have a customer that just LOVES Beanie Babies (they'll be worth a lot one day, just you wait!). They've been searching everywhere for a Patti the Platypus with no luck.

You're a smart marketer, and you know the first step to success is putting Patti the Platypus into your Klickly campaign. Great job! But, you have a feeling there's more you can do — so you take action.

The customer takes notice and decides to read about Patti the Platypus in Klickly's Commerce Module. This is just what they were looking for! So, they click through to your website.

But, while on your website, they see it.... the Holy Grail...

Staring back at this customer is the newest addition to your store. Valentino the Bear. Your customer has been searching for him for months. And here he is.

So your customer, not being able to go another day without him in his possession, decides to buy this new amazing product. BUT, Valentino the Bear is not a part of your standard Klickly campaign.

However, you've thought of everything you, smart marketer, you. You knew that setting an ROS commission helps you rank higher in the Klickly algorithm and can lead to additional purchases even on products NOT in your campaign.

Now your customer is going home with one more brand new Beanie Baby than they intended and your boss is thrilled with your marketing savvy.

Good job, smart marketer, good job!

Have you set a Rest of Site Commission?