Can you believe we’re less than a week away from the official Black Friday / Cyber Monday mania?! Over the past several weeks we’ve seen brand’s revenues increasing and we couldn’t be more stoked for your success. You’ve earned it after this whirlwind year!

We want to do our part to help drive as many sales this holiday that we can. As you know Klickly is essentially fully automated so you don’t have to worry about creatives, CPMs, CPCs, etc, but there are certain tweaks you can make to boost your sales. Here are 4 things you should do with your Klickly campaign right now to ensure you get the most out of this BFCM!

1. Add more products to your campaigns

It may come as no surprise but we can’t advertise your products if they aren’t in a campaign. Klickly offers a variety of campaign types to meet your needs. Consider setting up a “My Entire Catalogue” campaign this BFCM to promote all products in your store.

Brands love this campaign type because it offers a greater variety for their customers. More products means more chances to actively promote the right product, to the right people, at the right time.

  • Adding more products increases your placement in our algorithm. - Our algorithm takes into several data points, one of those being the percentage of your products within a campaign. The more products you have, the better you will rank.
  • Adding more products allows you to reach more people. - Your customers are interacting with your products every day. Not including these products in a campaign could be a missed opportunity to help drive them to a purchase (and possibly add new customers to your funnel).

2. Set customer acquisition commissions

A percentage-based commission is a great way to advertise to returning customers, but less so for new customers. When it comes to getting new customers, it’s often best to price marketing around a customer acquisition cost.

Klickly's New-Customer Commission (NCC) and Cold Customer Commission (CCC) let's the algorithm know that you want to place more emphasis on first time purchasers.

You can find the settings for NCC and CCC by visiting the account settings under the account management tab.

How to price your NCC:

Pricing your commission will be different for every brand, but the best way to start is by figuring out your CAC and take into account the other channels you're using.

  • Start with how much it costs to acquire a new customer.
  • Then, we recommend dividing that by the number of channels you’re using to target new customers.
  • Set that number as your New-Customer Commission

Some helpful tips

A regular campaign commission will still remarket to first time purchasers.

You can change your NCC and CCC at any given time.

Only one Commission will be charged on any given sale.

3. Add a boost to your campaign

Whether we're talking display, social, search, or beyond there's one thing that holds true across them all: the competition is fierce. That competition does not do any favors for the cost of your CPMs or CPCs. Of course, Klickly will always advertise your products and only charge on commission, but adding a Campaign Boost can really boost your performance.

Adding a Boosts allows you to increase your Priority Score, and ultimately the number of times your marketing messages are shown to consumers, without setting a high commission.

Some helpful tips:

  • Boosts are a great way to complement products or categories you are trying to push.
  • Boosts guarantee impressions, so they are great to use during holidays (and other busy times) when your competitors are vying for that luxurious ad inventory.
  • Experiment with different levels of Boosts to find your sweet spot. Remember Boosts are charged weekly and must be manually removed.

4. Make your creative count

With Klickly’s most recent update you can now get your message across in more detail. We’ve increased our ad-unit messaging character limit from 15 to 30. More space means you can better communicate your offering and brand message.

Remember the ad-units are dynamic based on the customer, but there are small tweaks you can make to give your ads an extra edge.

The three most important things you can do for your creative:

  • Offer clear specific messaging. Mention your holiday promotions, unique product features, or have a clear call to action.
  • Make sure your logo is uploaded and your brand colors are chosen. Nothing says good customer experience like a seamless buyer journey.
  • Make sure your product images and descriptions are in top shape this holiday season.

We’re confident that this Black Friday / Cyber Monday is going to be the best one yet. We’re excited to be on this journey with you and we can’t wait to see your success. Reach out to your growth specialist for more tips on how you can #KrushItWithKlickly this BFCM.

Happy Selling!