Like you, we’re monitoring the ever-evolving news around coronavirus. That’s why Klickly has taken decisive action to help slow the spread while ensuring we continue to offer commission-based advertising to our brands.

With recent events in the U.S. and on the back of some compelling data that we’ve been watching internally, we're now working remotely/digitally. However, no change in service should occur.

Don’t worry, we’re still here for you, and Klickly services will continue to operate as normal.

We hope that our collective speedy actions to slow the impact of the virus will help us all keep our loved ones safe and our businesses growing.  While we are cautiously optimistic that our community can come together quickly to effectively slow the virus spread, when it comes to health related issues, we want to highlight the safety of our employees and the community are of utmost importance. We encourage you to continue to stay informed, review data, and enact measures to avoid spreading the virus to those who are severely at risk.

As a reminder to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and aid in health & safety:

  • Work remotely when possible
  • Limit human interaction whenever possible
  • Practice sanitization efforts including though hand washing, sterilize hands and surfaces using an alcohol solution greater than 60%, and avoid touching your face

Wishing you the best and good health during these times,
Klickly Team

PS - of note: we used data from a number of charts in this article to make our decision. While we don't know or endorse this author, we hope it may be helpful to you: Coronavirus: Why Business Leaders Must Act Now