As of this writing, its been 3 months since the pandemic came to light, and just over 2 months since the stay-at-home orders. During this time, we’ve had to adapt to the new normal by navigate an ever-changing eCommerce landscape. For some, this has meant a full-shift away from brick-and-mortar, for others this might reevaluating marketing channels, fine-tuning strategies, or even dealing with fulfillment challenges. In one way or another we’ve all been affected by COVID-19.


As performance marketers, we know how important data is to making marketing decisions. Given the impact of COVID-19, Klickly has released key data around performance metrics and insights to help brands and advertisers understand market changes and make informed, data-based decisions moving forward in a post-covid world.

Because of our data stack at Klickly, we have a much more nuanced view into digital performance than most other platforms. We want to share our findings on how the market is actually performing, per vertical.


While we hope this data proves useful, we’re excited to bring you future research initiatives that provides you an even deeper look into eCommerce and digital advertising performance. Klickly will be taking a quarterly look into various trends throughout the preceding quarter to help you better prepare for the future.