I’m sure it comes as no surprise when I say the cost of advertising is getting exponentially more expensive — and that extra cost starts to eat away at your ROI. But what if you could have a consistent ROI… without having to spend a bunch of money upfront? You’d probably say I’m crazy and keep on moving. But, if you’ve ever found yourself paying an arm and a leg only to get lost in a sea of competition, you may want to read on about a pure performance-based advertising company.

What is Klickly?

Klickly is an invite-only, SaaS platform that offers the first ever commission-based advertising for 1000’s of the fastest growing eCommerce brands. Klickly allows eComm merchants to leverage machine-learning to launch pure commission-based ad campaigns. Did we mention this is with zero upfront spend?

That's right! While other platforms require a budget with hopes of getting sales, Klickly only charges when we help drive a sale. Talk about brand friendly! You get the benefit of an affiliate program but with the bonus of advertising to a targeted audience, at the right place, at the right time.

Just when you think it can’t get any better than “risk-free” advertising, Klickly also enables a streamlined checkout process directly within it’s marketing messages. Using our AI-powered buy button, we allow users to impulse-buy products they want, wherever they find them. For example, presented with an ad, consumers click "Buy Now" within the expandable Klickly ad unit. They then confirm their purchase/info with the click of a button and complete the transaction. An email confirmation with merchant info is auto-sent, and the order is sent to the brand for fulfillment. Aka, as a merchant, you get the customer data and order information in real time.

Why you need Klickly

Anyone who runs an online store knows they must go above and beyond to come out ahead in today's marketing landscape.  And why shouldn’t they? Online shopping has seen astounding growth over the past few years, with little signs of losing momentum.

There's one more thing that doesn't seem to be slowing down: the ever increasing upfront budget needed when it comes to advertising. Not to mention the increases in CPA, CPC, CPM, etc. When it comes to advertising, we’re all looking for the same thing: a solid return on investment. As such, your goal as a marketer is to guard that ROI and do so in a way that works with your brand’s goals.

An advertising platform should align with the brand. It should have all the qualities of your traditional “affiliate” model that brands seek –– you only pay when they drive sales –– BUT while actively advertising your products across boundless premium websites. And that’s what we’ve aimed to do with Klickly –– allowing you to grow your audience in a risk-free way (no up-front spend) and pay only when we drive sales.

Our goal was to make the most brand-friendly advertising platform out there. We created a platform that allows brands to eliminate CPCs and CPMs all-together while giving them the flexibility to pay within margins that makes sense for them. Besides, no two brands are alike! With Klickly you:

  1. Launch a campaign in 15 minutes – simple 3 step process without touching any code
  2. Choose your own commission – that’s right you tell us what you want to pay
  3. Let our machine-learning algorithm optimize – take out the guess-work and bidding process completely

The Results

Using Klickly’s simple integration (no need to touch code) brands can launch beautiful dynamic ads with very little management across limitless, premium online destinations. This is all while locking in your return on ad spend by choosing your own commission.

For example, one adaptogenic health brand experienced a guaranteed 11.2X ROAS WITHOUT additional spend over the course of 6 months. Payout never fluctuated from their chosen commission, resulting in Klickly contributing to increasing the brand’s revenue while removing any risk or downside exposure. During this time the brand saw an additional 7.3% in revenue, as well as increases in AoV (+12%) and orders (+6.3%).

Why not give it a try?

You’ve got nothing to lose (literally). If you’re looking for that extra edge to come ahead of the competition, Klickly is a great additive source to your marketing strategy. If you have any questions about how Klickly can help you, feel free to check us out.