The final video of our 5 part series is here. Klickly and Fera have been teaming up over the past month to bring you our top actionable tips on what you can do to prepare for BFCM.

In this episode we're talking about "Making Data-Driven Decisions"

☝️   Traffic Sources
☝️  ️️ Conversion rates
☝️   Revenue
☝️   Products
☝️   Shopper Journeys
☝️   Things you can do in the next 24...

Thank you for joining us on throughout this series and we can't wait to see how well you do this BFCM!

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What data points to look at from last year

Traffic sources

  • Focus on the channels that made you money last year
  • Looking at investment as it relates to ROI and ROAS — return on investment doesn’t always correlate to most profitability.
  • Look at the fluctuations and see where the most profitability comes from to get a good indication of target sets
  • Lock in your ROAS where possible — Klickly
  • Conversion rate by traffic source

Sold out products

  • Look at what sold out last year
  • Ask yourself what did you think was going to sell out but didn’t
  • Make sure the channels you’re running are synced to avoid miscommunication with inventory

Shopper journeys

  • Look at your order journey and shopper journey
  • Use heatmap tools like HotJar or LuckyOrange to find out what people are clicking on, what people are interacting with

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